Chinese traders buying pigs

Dong Nai Livestock Association, said recently Chinese traders returned to purchasing pork. However, the most worrying thing is that they only buy pork fat, weighing between 100 kg and above.


If this situation continues, the risk of farmers seeking to exceed 100kg pig for export to China will certainly take place and once people stop buying this market will be difficult to sell livestock pigs. This has happened before in Dong Nai.

 4 months ago, more than 100 kg live hog price was down to 33,000 VND / kg by China stopped buying.


 According to Dong Nai Livestock Association, by Chinese traders should buy pork prices have increased by about 3,000 VND / kg compared to two weeks ago. Show hog price of about 41,000 VND / kg. Forecasting, pork prices in the future will continue to hold steady and 44,000 VND / kg.

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