Prohibition of livestock if using banned substances

(People of Vietnam) - Dong Nai Livestock Association is completing a written request province, central stronger measures such as increasing the sanctions for those establishments and small livestock farms deliberately use prohibited substances in animal husbandry.
Afternoon 11.7, Nguyen Kim Guess-Vice Chairman Dong Nai Livestock Association, said: In order to protect the interests of farmers and ensure the health of consumers, the association is completing a written request province, central stronger measures such as increasing the sanctions for those establishments and small livestock farms deliberate use of banned substances in animal husbandry.
Association proposal, if detected households, establishments, farms using banned substances for the first time, the sanction to 30 million, 2nd violation, the sanction increased to 50 million and if the offense again 3 is forced to stop breeding.
Cao Sailing
Rampant illegal drugs for livestock
Horror "panacea" lean
Recently, panicky about a chemical is the pig as a "panacea". This chemical can turn a pig is a pig skinny to shoulder, buttocks bloom. In particular, the "magic pill" that also works to "dispel" lard butt shoulder, turning fat into lean muscle until thick skin.
This chemical has a white powder, no label, the stores sell drugs for 500,000 VND / kg. When pigs are about 80 - 100kg, many farmers began to use "magic pill" to produce lean pigs.
In fact, the use of banned substances in pig production has occurred for many years. This also comes from the consumers do not want to use too much fat, affect the health and weight loss needs. So many traders and farmers abuse of illegal substances to create lean, weight gain pigs.
According to Dong Nai Animal Health Department, in early May 2/2012, test results residues of banned substances in pig production in the district has to 6/6 Unified sample positive for growth. Earlier, in 12/2011, authorities Unified district also caught a 5kg salbutamol shipping 98% - toxic help cattle weight gain - for sale to farmers.
In Vietnam, in 2011, authorities have taken samples. The result is up to 10% of infected residues form a banned substance. However, this figure did not reflect the actual figures over the previous year was 30%.
In 2005, Ho Chi Minh City Animal Health Department inspected and found some form of pork sold in the market with toxic clenbuterol. Earlier, authorities also found in food samples 4/5 a nursery school in Binh Thuan province containing drug dexamethasone.
Infected meat containing growth
The drug needs to gain weight fast for cattle breeding is the world's largest buy salbutamol, clenbuterol ... However, in the world, these substances have been banned from use in animal husbandry. Since 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has decided to ban the production, importation, distribution and use of certain chemicals, hormones including clenbuterol, salbutamol. Feed Association Vietnam also require businesses produce animal feed absolutely no use of substances on the list of prohibited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has prescribed.
Salbutamol, clenbuterol is two chemicals bronchodilator effect, is used as a treatment for asthma, treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When mixed into animal feed, poultry, these substances work is over for pigs grow faster, buttocks, shoulders bloom more, the higher the percentage of lean, red meat color more ...
However, people should eat meat fed on chemicals will adversely affect health. The use of drug-fed pork increased risk weight will accumulate in the body and poisoning is very high. Poisoning clenbuterol, salbutamol in humans will cause headaches, trembling limbs, nausea, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure or lower, causing digestive disorders, diarrhea, cancer complications ... Clenbuterol will harm nervous system, circulatory system, even deadly. For cattle ingesting this substance can only exist than half months to slaughter.
In addition to the "wonder drug", there would also mixed into feed for cattle, poultry and other substances such as antibiotics, hormones, absolutely no reason that the only cure for the purpose of them thrive, weight gain.
Recently, the Administration of the quality of agricultural, forestry and fishery (MARD) also found that substance abuse ethephon (end of nine elements) to preserve meat, poultry offal in some provinces. This substance has been banned for use in food processing and preservation of animal origin.
It is noteworthy that traders would love to buy meat containing growth form as eye-catching, easy to sell. There are traders also brought the matter to the banning of livestock farmers and force them to use. Traders often the conditions, if fed banned substances, traders will buy more from 3000-5000 VND / kg compared with normal pigs. If farmers do not use banned substances, traders will threaten not buy or purchase price pressure.
However, according to experts, with the kind of lean pigs, farmers do not benefit because of the weight of lean pork does not increase the weight, just create the illusion that makes pork butt bloom , shoulders, even weight reduction of at least 5 kg / head.
In fact, the quality of the livestock ban still being sneaky purchase and use. Currently the authorities still do not have the strict control of all stages in the breeding and slaughter. Meanwhile, consumers can not be detected with the naked eye on the matter. Substance clenbuterol can only be detected when the sample for analysis.
Therefore, the experts recommend, to protect health, consumers should buy meats clear origin. Should choose fresh meat, dried membrane, not viscous, flavors and colors to normal, the muscles are ... Do not buy meat of unknown origin, color red and the lean too high a unusual ...
Source: VEF