On 29/5, Director of Quality Management and Agriculture, forestry and fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Nguyen Nhu Tiep worked with departments, agencies and localities in the province of Dong Nai notice Test results deploy surveillance system checked specialized food safety in manufacturing, trading cattle and poultry in the province.
According to the director Nguyen Nhu Tiep, during deployment testing, the majority of poultry farms in the province meet the requirements of food safety.
However, check out the slaughterhouse, transportation and sales of meat at the market, there are still a number of unsatisfactory as was slaughtered immediately on the craft; narrow area; the area clean, dirty not clear separation; transport crude; the sale of non-cryopreserved ...
Dong Nai has a total of over 1.1 million pigs and chickens approximately 10 million children, are considered areas with livestock sector development farms in the country, the provincial Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development select Test System monitoring food safety with pork, chicken, from month to month 10/2013 10/2012.
According to Nguyen Nhu Tiep, the construction of the test system to manage the chain of pork, chicken, to avoid the situation when some adverse information about breeding occurred in a few individual households, influence large livestock sector in both countries as the last case of banned substances. After finishing the test system, the Administration of Quality and Agriculture, forestry and fisheries will learn from experience and replicated in other cities throughout the country.
Currently, Dong Nai is one of the four provinces were selected pilot projects competitive livestock industry and food safety (LIFSAP) by World Bank funding.
Among them, Tan Gia area (Thong Nhat) was selected concentrated breeding area while conducting construction and upgrading a number of projects such as fair market Thach Phu Vinh An town market (districts Eternal); Spring Fair West (Cam US); Hang Gon; Bao Vinh Market (Long Khanh Town); Cat Spring Fair (Xuan Loc). There has been a lot of markets and slaughterhouses completed the upgrade and put into operation.
The project aims to improve the efficiency of production of the livestock according to household size; minimize the environmental impact of farming operations, processing and consumption of poultry, strengthening food safety in the supply chain animal products, meat products, mainly in the provinces city selected. /.
Le Hien (VNA)