Factors pig breeding success

While raising of pigs brought large amounts of food supply for the growing needs of people. However, the number of pig breeding farm scale is very little that most spontaneous farming, small scale mainly, food leverage, not according to plan ... leading to specific performance fruit farming is not high.
While social needs of growing food. Therefore, pig producers need to understand the technology, advanced production methods and to perform a synchronized way. Therefore, farmers raising pigs want to be successful, must adhere to the following factors:
1. Seed:
Choose seed yield and quality, suitable breeding conditions, there is a clear history, health, appearance characteristic of the breed. In addition:
- Pork male: Belly, compact, legs straight, hard. To have two testicles, hanging not too high or too low, smooth skin testicles, not wrinkled. Pig producers often choose Duroc pigs, Pietrain.
- Pork gilts: Belly round, compact, his hips, his slim, not too fat or too skinny. There are some 12-16 breast breast, the breast to them, the distance of each breast, so select gilts with breast goods from one floor to the second floor. Vulva-shaped excavation, to, mẩy ... current trend breeding sows often choose lean varieties such as Pork Yorkshire, Landrace pigs.
2. Food:
In pig feed livestock accounts for 62-68% of the cost of livestock products, so choose the right foods is very important. Should choose the supplier of branded foods such as CP, Cargill, GreenFeed, Proconco ... food for pigs do not eat spoiled, spoiled, fed to anywhere there.
3. cattle shed:
Barn is protective wall of swine 2nd. When building barns, farmers need to ensure that pigs warm in winter, cool in summer. The area of the barn to fit the scale livestock. Depending on the economic conditions of families that farmers choose a suitable shelter.
4. Prevention of disease:
The main principle in breeding is prevention is better than cure, pig producers must comply with procedures and processes Vaccine antibiotics for each culture period. Depending on the different breeding swine raisers Vaccine application process and procedures for the appropriate antibiotics. Regular housing and sanitary waste to environmental pollution breeding animals and the environment.
5. Management of care:
To be successful pig litters need to be monitored in detail the process of care from adult pigs to pigs, so ask farmers to establish whether the log records pig breeding situation specific, regularly inspect and monitor the production process, ensure the principle of integration, and manufacturing.
Le Van Dac-AEC